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Frequently Asked Questions
I get a lot of the same questions about our events, so here are some of the ones that are 'more frequently asked'.

What is a FindTheLine event?
A FindTheLine event is basically a HPDE event where, with the proper safety gear, you get to drive your car around a road course like Raceway Park of the Midlands. Our events are not competition events.

What is the cost of a FindTheLine event?
For a weekend event the cost is $150 per day, $300 for both days.

What is the format of a FindTheLine event?
We typically the day goes like this (times are estimated and may vary on event day):

8:30am - 8:45am : Mandatory drivers meeting to discuss track rules.

8:45am - 9:00am : Parade laps. 2 or 3 low speed parade laps with all cars from all groups.

9:00am - 12:00pm : Open lapping starting with group A, switching groups every 15-20 minutes.

12:00pm - 1:00pm : Lunch break, 1 hour.

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm : Open lapping starting with the group that was up right before the lunch break started.

5:00 pm : Clean up and head out.

How much track time do we get?
Lots. We focus on maximizing on-track time with these events. Any of my previous participants will tell you that it is a lot of track time per day. Most of my events only have 2 run groups, with 'green' track from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm (basically 7 hours of green track). If you do the math on 2 run groups is ends up around 3 to 4 hours of on track time. If we have enough cars for 3 run groups then it is a bit less, if we have a thin crowd, then it end up to be more. Obviously any situation causing the track to get shutdown will affect track time, like a car dropping oil that needs to be cleaned up and things like that.

What safety gear do I need?
We typically require an auto rated helmet, long sleeve shirt, full length pants, and a healthy car.

What are the parade laps?
Two or three low speed laps we do after the drivers meeting to get everyone refreshed with the line and some simple recon on the track conditions. A helmet is not required during these low speed laps.

Are passengers allowed?
Passengers are allowed with proper safety equipment (properly rated helmet, working safety belt, et). There is no fee for passengers.

Are spectators allowed?
Yes, and there is no fee for spectators.

What are the passing rules?
Passing rules are covered in the drivers meeting, so be sure not to miss it!!! Here are the basic passing rules:

Typically passing is allowed on the main straights, but not allowed in any of the turns. A pass is initiated by the car in front moving to the right and giving a 'point by' to the car behind. The 'point by' is a done by using a index finger 'point' gesture with the drivers left hand, fully extended out of the drivers window, giving the car behind a clear signal to go by. Passing is always done on the left side, with the overtaking car passing on the left and the car being overtaken on the right. The car being overtaken must give a point by in order for the car behind to make the pass, the front car moving to the right is NOT the signal to pass, the front car must be to the right AND be showing a clear point by signal in order for the car behind to make a pass. Once the car in front has moved to the right and gives the point by signal, it should also let off the gas enough for the overtaking car to make a pass before the next turn. Be sure to ask us if you have any questions on passing rules.

Can I get food at the track during lunch time?
Yes, usually MAM opens the concession stand for us during lunch time.

Do you ever combine run groups?
Yes, if the crowd starts to thin out and we can safely combine run groups we will.

Is this a race or a competition event?
No and no.

What non-car things should I bring with me?
We suggest to bring sunscreen and something to drink between sessions. On hot sunny days you can get sun burnt quickly and you sweat a lot in the car so it is important to stay hydrated.

What should I check on my car?
Brake fluid/Coolant/Oil, make sure no fluids are leaking. They make the track slippery for you and others and often indicate a problem or potential problem with your car. No loose parts under the hood or in the car. Bolt the battery down. No weak camera mounts. In-between each run check under the hood and in the car to make sure there’s no loose items. It’s a good idea to check tire pressure and brake pad level as well. Make sure your cars safety/security systems are working well. Seat belts, brakes, doors, tires, tire pressure etc. Torque your lug nuts properly, things like that. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CARS HEALTH, so make sure it is in safe working order!! You can use our Tech Form as a guide as well. What does FAQ mean? FAQ is an acronym for "Frequently Asked Question(s)".

What is your cancelation policy?
By paying for this event you are acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions. Click on the terms and conditions link to read about our cancelation policy.